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May 1st - Sept 30th


Winter Hours

October 1 - April 30th

Winter Hours
October 1st to April 30th

Sunday 4pm-9pm

Monday 6pm-9pm

Wednesday 6pm-9pm

Friday 12-9pm

Saturday 4pm-9pm

Outdoor range closes November 1st.

Indoor High Caliber Range will be open October through April consistent with the Indoor Range.

About us

The Matanuska Valley Sportsmen, Inc. is dedicated to firearms safety education as a public service, marksmanship training as a contribution to individual preparedness for personal and national defense, and the sports of shooting, hunting, and fishing as wholesome forms of recreation.


Our Board and Staff are all volunteers, we are a 501c3 organization committed to our community.

2021 Gun Show

Hello everyone!


Our 12th Annual MVS Gun Show is still on schedule for February 13th and 14th in Raven Hall at the Alaska State Fairgrounds. However, it is to be held in the City of Palmer, and we are awaiting confirmation that the show will still be allowed to proceed. Most of our Paid Advertising for the show will be postponed until we have confirmation. 


All vendors are required to contact me individually at 907-232-3447. I will discuss your table reservations, payment and requirements then. 


We hope to have a good show! 


Be safe and take care of yourselves!


Kelly Mears

MVS Range

Gun Show Director

Board of Directors 2020-2021

President: Earl Lackey
Vice President:
Secretary: Barb Beckage
Treasurer: Larry White
Rob Bargewell
Steve Myers
Scott Crockett

Middle schoolers fired up about marksmanship program by Caitlin Skvorc

Frontiersman November 23,2015

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Please be considerate and review the information on the website BEFORE calling. There are no staff to answer the phone during the day. Your call will be forwarded to a Senior Staff Member, who can answer any questions concerning range activities. Thank you!