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May 1st - Sept 30th


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October 1 - April 30th

Summer Hours


Monday 6 pm-9 pm
Wednesday 6 pm-9 pm
Friday Noon-5 pm
Sunday 4 pm-9 pm
Winter Hours


Monday 6 pm-9 pm
Wednesday 6 pm-9 pm
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Saturday 4 pm-9 pm
Sunday 4 pm-9 pm
About us

The Matanuska Valley Sportsmen, Inc. is dedicated to firearms safety education as a public service, marksmanship training as a contribution to individual preparedness for personal and national defense, and the sports of shooting, hunting, and fishing as wholesome forms of recreation.


Our Board and Staff are all volunteers, we are a 501c3 organization committed to our community.

Thank you to all the volunteers, vendors, and participants that made the 9th Annual Gun Show a success!

Middle schoolers fired up about marksmanship program by Caitlin Skvorc

Frontiersman November 23,2015

In the News

Board of Directors 2019-2020

President: Dave Young
Vice President: Earl Lackey
Secretary: Barb Beckage
Treasurer: Larry White
Roger Stickney
Steve Myers
Scott Crockett

MVS Indoor Range Safety Orientation


The Duty Range Safety Officer (RSO) is in complete command of this facility


 1. Always keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction!

     Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot!

     Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use!

 2. All Firearms must be secured before entering the complex.

 3. All Firearms must be un-cased and re-cased on the firing line.

 4. Wearing Eye and Ear Protection is mandatory outside of the lobby.

 5. Firearms are only to be loaded in the shooting stall, pointed down range.

 6. Minimum firing distance is 21 feet.

 7. Targets must be stapled at appropriate height to avoid damage to carriers.

 8. Firearms must be open and clear before moving outside of the stall.

 9. Cartridge maximum is 44 Magnum/45 Colt in a handgun or long gun.

10. Shotguns are permitted with lead slugs only and must have a stock.

11. Do not go beyond or place anything forward of the firing line

12. Food, drink, smoking, chewing, or spitting is not permitted inside the range.

13. When finished, we recommend washing your face and hands.

14. Police your own brass or it becomes range property.

15. If you observe unsafe behavior or conditions: Call out “CEASE FIRE!”

16. Presenting from the holster must meet with RSO approval.

17. Bi-metal, tracer, incendiary and armor piercing ammo is not permitted.

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