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Indoor Range

Summer Hours
May 1st to September 30th

Monday 6-9 pm

Wednesday 6-9 pm

Friday 12-5 pm

Sunday 4-9 pm

Max Building Capacity 20 people including staff. Indoor limit 1 Person every other lane. Outdoor Range Limit 3 Shooters.

Outdoor Range


We are pleased to reopen our classes at Mat Valley Sportsmen’s, MVS. However, the Coronavirus and the mandates associated with it have led to new limits and requirements. Classes will have no more than twelve students.


The classroom will be separated from the main building by keeping the interior door closed. Entrance to the classroom will be accessed through a door on the side of the building adjacent to the 100-yard outdoor range and not through the main MVS entrance.  The sign-in sheet will be in the classroom, Signs with directions will be posted. Social distancing will be practiced.  Students must provide their own masks, eye and ear protection, coffee or other drinks including water, snacks, and lunch. Hand Sanitizer will be provided. During the administrative portion, the procedure for using the restrooms in the main part of the range will be explained.

Junior Student Fees:
Junior students between the ages of eight and sixteen attending a class with a parent or guardian who is also enrolled in the class will now only be charged 50% of the adult class fee. If the attending parent or guardian chooses to just audit the class, the student will pay full price.
Junior students who are determined by the lead instructor to be too immature to take the class will have their fees refunded and will be asked to return at a later date.

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