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You will be directed away from this website to complete your membership

Voting Memberships

Regular Member

(18yrs to 59yrs) $40.00 per year

Senior Members

(60yrs and older) $30.00 per year

Non-Voting Memberships
(Shooting Discount Only)

Associate Member

(18yrs to 59yrs) $35.00 per year

Senior Member

(60yrs and older) $25.00 per year

Active Military

$25.00 per year


(under 18yrs) $8.50 per year

How to manage your membership:

You can manage your own membership including automatic renewals, class registrations, etc through our Bizzflo portal. (Link Below)

Your login information will be the email address you provided when purchasing your membership or registering to shoot. If you need to know what email was used please contact

*Note each individual must have their own unique email address. For instance, a husband and wife cannot use the same account.

If you know your email address and have forgotten your password there is a link to reset it on the login page. RSO's and our staff are unable to reset your password, it has to be done through the link below.

See our FAQ's below for more information.

  • How do I reset my password?
    Please follow the "Reset Password" link after selecting the "login to your Bizzflo account" button. RSO's and staff do not have the ability to see or reset your password. If you cannot find the email connected to your account please contact or with your first and last name, as well as the address you would like added.
  • Can I continue to renew my membership in person?
    Absolutely! You can upgrade or renew your membership during regular range hours.
  • Why didn't my membership auto-renew?
    Two years ago we changed our point of sale and membership management over to Bizzflo. We were not able to transfer your card information from the prior PayPal system. Your basic information did transfer over, to set up auto-renewal log into your Bizzflo profile and set up your credit or debit card information under Billing: CC on File. Only you will have access to your credit card information - our staff cannot view or change it.
  • Is my credit card information secure?
    Yes, your credit card information can only be seen and managed by you. Staff and system administrators do not have access to your card number or information. If you wish to auto-renew your membership, you will need to login to add your credit card information. If you renew in person, you can ask us to select "save" credit card when you swipe. We still will not be able to view the details of your card.
  • It say's my email address is already in use:
    Every member must have a unique email address to them. If you share one with your spouse and you both have memberships, you will each need your own email address. If you cannot figure out which email address you used originally, or need to change it please contact either or with your first and last name, and the email address you would like to use.
  • How do I change my Membership Type?
    If you wish to change your membership type, for instance from Non-Voting to Voting, or to a Senior Membership. Select purchase "new" membership on our webpage and use your existing login credentials. Please also follow up with an email to so we can deactivate your old membership to prevent both from auto-renewing the next year.
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