The NRA Basic Metallic Cartridge Reloading course exposes students to the fundamentals of metallic cartridge reloading. The course is designed to enable shooter with little or no prior experience in reloading to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to produce safe, consistent and accurate reloaded ammunition.

Students will be working with single stage reloading presses. They will be reloading straight wall pistol cartridges (9MM) and bottle neck rifle cartridges (308 Winchester). Students will also get the chance to function test (shoot) the ammunition they reload. All materials/supplies will be provided by MVS.

The cost of the course will be $75.00 paid in advance of taking the course.

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Class Prices


  • NRA FIRST Steps - pistol/rifle -$40

  • NRA Basic Pistol/Rifle - $70

  • Concealed Handgun Permit - $100/$130

  • Defensive Handgun Skills - $50

  • NRA Refuse to Be A Victim- $30

  • NRA Home Firearm Safety - $30

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